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A research-quality CTD in a compact, easy-to-integrate package for your AUV, ASV, ROV, or underwater glider


The NBOSI CT Sensor consists of an internal field, four-electrode conductivity cell with an integral pressure-protected thermistor and a high precision, self-referencing electronics board. The patented free-flushing design is quiet, vibration-free and insensitive to mounting location or electrode fouling.

The sensor is available in a cabled/connectorized version or with a thru-hull penetrator for direct hull mounting. An optional pressure sensor enables measurement of ocean density and sound speed.

  • CT Cell with Cable

    Cabled CT Sensors are available in a range of  cable lengths and connector types to fit your platform requirements

  • CT cell hull mount on AUV

    Hull mount CT Sensors can be custom engineered for any application

  • Cabled CT Sensor

    The compact electronics board is easy to integrate. Typical RS232 output includes temperature, conductivity, salinity and running time at 5Hz

Proven Applications

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