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Beginning in the late 1950's Neil Brown developed methods to determine ocean salinity in real-time using measured seawater conductivity and temperature. This work eventually resulted in the first modern conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) sensor.

The NBOSI approach to measuring salinity is an evolution of Neil Brown's 2002 patent (US 6,720,773) for an internal field, four-electrode conductivity cell with an integral pressure-protected thermistor and a self-referencing electronics. Optimized for use on mobile platforms, the NBOSI cell is free-flushing, fast-responding, quiet, vibration-free, rugged, low-power and insensitive to mounting location.

Unlike existing two-electrode cells, the NBOSI CT Sensor does not require an energy-consuming and noisy pump. And unlike inductive cells, the compact, rugged, and low-drag NBOSI sensor may be mounted anywhere on the vehicle exterior without compromising data quality or sacrificing hydrodynamic efficiency.

A simple RS-232 data interface facilitates vehicle integration and provides raw or engineering-unit data at up to 10Hz.

All sensors are fully potted and capable of operation beyond 6000 dbar. We regularly perform in-house pressure validation testing to 9,800 psi (6750 dbar) for customers operating under extreme conditions.

Our integrated CTD incorporates a precision pressure sensor (Keller 7LD) enabling real-time output of depth, sound speed and ocean density along with temperature, conductivity and salinity.

All products are assembled and calibrated in our Massachusetts, USA facility.



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